Family photos are important - that’s why you’re here.

I believe great family photographs should be meaningful, artful and bursting with character. They should capture not just what your family looks like, but what it feels like. The most meaningful photos come from real life. And making them should be fun! 


Being photographed should not feel like going to the dentist. I have kids too so I get it! This will be the most relaxed, fun and easy family photography experience you’ve ever had.

Before your session we’ll chat through ideas for making the most of our time together and what to expect. We’ll include relaxed group portraits if you wish, then the rest of the time is unposed reportage photography, when no-one has to sit still or be on their best behaviour. You don’t have to do or wear anything different to normal. Your family time will unfold naturally and I’ll be there chatting to you all about whatever pops into our heads, so you won’t notice the camera all that much.


I’ll embrace the chaos, humour, tenderness and playfulness of your real family life. I’ll see meaning in the everyday, artfully capturing it, and celebrating it in a beautiful photo collection that will be an emotive reminder of life as it is today.

You’ll be your true selves in your photos. My portraits will champion the individuality of children who seem to grow up and change so fast, but have always been the same inside. Your real life is more than good enough to be photographed and it’s this that will come to mean the most - to you and to the children that think you’re beautiful just as you are.


I know it’s hard to find time to think. I’ll help you every step of the way, from planning your session time together, to putting you all at ease on the day so you really will just be yourselves, helping you choose your favourites photos and how to make the most of them. When you all hold your photo album in your hands in years to come, you’ll remember what it felt like to be together today, and your kids will see who they’ve always been, and how they are loved, just the way they are. 

Choose your photo session

Family Storytelling 


1.5 hours

In your own home and garden or out on location in a place that’s special to you all. We can squeeze in both if you live very near a park or playground. Time to capture some favourite activities or to enjoy simply being outside together.

Weekday £95

Weekend £125

A Morning in the Life


4 hours

In your own home and wherever you go! Plenty of time to capture a longer story of your family life - your routines, more of your favourite activities, and those little moments that happen when we slow down. Afternoon sessions are available too.

Weekday £195

Weekend £245

A Day in the Life


12 hours

A very special photo session capturing the full story of your day together as a family. Curated moments will be preserved forever - your home, all the things you love to pack into a day, and everyday routines from breakfast to bedtime stories.

Weekday £695

Weekend £795

Digital image files and printed products are available to purchase once you’ve viewed your online gallery.

The session price includes your photo session, pre-consultation by phone or by email, and my time and talent to create your online gallery. The session price does not include digital image files or prints. Once you have viewed your photos, choose how many digital image files you’d like to purchase and which printed products you may like to add. Simply buy what you love.

For locations more than 15 miles from Cottenham, Cambridge,  there will be a little extra for mileage. If you'd like photography for a family event or children's party please get in touch for a quote. Payment plans are available.

Choose your photo collection

Collection 1


Your favourites

15 hand-edited digital images, in high resolution.

Set of three 9x6 mounted prints in a presentation box.


Collection 2


Your full story

All the hand-edited digital images from your gallery, in high resolution.

Video slideshow of your complete photo collection.

Set of five 9x6 mounted prints in a presentation box.


Collection 3


Your album collection

All the hand-edited digital images from your gallery, in high resolution.

Video slideshow of your complete photo collection.

Set of five 9x6 mounted prints in a presentation box.

Fine art photo album, handcrafted with your choice of personalised cover (size 8x8 inches, 30 pages), or £500 credit towards printed products of your choice. Save £100.


Choose beautiful print products

Mounted prints from £30

Framed prints from £150

Fine art albums from £495

Photo session slideshows - take a look!

I thought it would be all stand still move there but it was really fun throwing leaves
— Rueben aged 7 nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else...
— e e cummings