I'm Alice, a photographer in Cambridge, UK.

I have a young family, cats that miss the quiet life, and way too many stripey tops. My house is full of lego and my garage is full of books I might yet read. I like lists, colours, children's stories about more than just falling asleep in the end, and dark chocolate but a Freddo will do.

As a photographer, I love natural light, genuine moments, little details, and telling a story. I like real life. 

I've trained with Kirsten Lewis, one of the world's best family photojournalists. 

I can be a bit camera shy (so if you are too, I'll understand). 

I have funny knees which bend in a way that makes people wince. This means that my feet will never, ever be in shot when I'm photographing your children on a trampoline.

But enough about me - get in touch and we can talk about you instead.